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Have you got lazy Apple? The not so new iPhone SE...

Monday evening saw the launch of a new iPhone; but you might be forgiven for thinking the design team in California have been on sabbatical. 


The iPhone SE has the form factor and appearance of the iPhone 5s, released nearly 3 years ago, so any updates are internal. 


It could be easily suggested that this is a back track on Apple’s natural progression to the larger iPhone form factor. In our recent articles (outlining rumours of the return of the 4 inch phone), it was noted that there was a distinctive issue with the larger iPhones in the hands of a particular demographic. Females (mostly), with smaller palms were unable to navigate around the larger iPhone 6 and 6s effectively. 


It looks like this is Apple suggesting they’ve made an ergonomic mistake, and it could be assumed the iPhone SE is the beginning of a permanent fixture in the iPhone lineup.  


The SE has almost all the internals of the iPhone 6s, including the new A9 processing chip and the 12 Megapixel rear facing camera, faster WiFi and now fully supports Apple pay. 


The pricing begins at £359 and its also now available in rose gold. 


All in all the iPhone SE is a positive step for iPhone price points, but we can’t help feel its a lazy design step for Apple, using 3 year old designs and machinery.  However if you are all about function over form, this is the phone for you.  Alternatively speak to us about a refurbished 5s. Everyone will think you’ve got the new SE !

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