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Apple’s “Spring Forward” March Event – The New MacBook

The electronic giant Apple seems to have a release event as often as there is a DFS sale these days. Apple’s competitors commented that the last release showed a phone that was just “bigger” and the addition of fingerprint scanning to the iPad range was “uninspired” and “outdated. So it must be asked ‘what really is new here’?


The last MacBook was released in 2010 before being secretly swept under the carpet by the MacBook Pro and Air ranges. However those 5 years do seem to have been worth the wait. A new 12inch screen and only 13.1mm thick, there is no denying that Apple has been hard at work here. It’s available in three iPhone style colors, gold, silver, and space gray. Other revolutions include a redesigned keyboard with 17% more surface area , and a new force touch track pad. The new track pad allows the user alternative commands on the basic click, based on the pressure used.


The new 12 inch MacBook will use a Intel Core-M processor starting at 1.1ghz and built in Intel HD 5300 graphic. There is no fan, thanks to a very ‘cool’ processor and the logic board is 67% smaller than that of the MacBook Air. A smaller logic board means more room for battery’s, and Apple are boasting the ability to use the MacBook ‘All day’; an estimated 9 hours of web browsing or 10 hours iTunes movie playback.


The big talking point is the new USB-C connector. The only port on the device ( bar the headphone port) means that you will have to use an adaptor to plug in any standard USB devices or HDMI cables. But there were bound to be compromises for the new paper-thin device.


The entry level MacBook starts in the UK at £1099 for with a 256 GB Solid state drive and 8 GB memory. For an extra £200 you can gain a .1ghz in speed and double the storage

The Screen Surgery will keep you posted on repairability of the retina display , but from the looks of things it will require the replacement of the whole rear shell!

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