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Smashed Glass?... Five Reasons to get your device repaired immediately!

Have you broken the glass on your device ? See the five reasons below you should get it sorted ASAP. 
  1. Internal Damage:
    On most devices the glass at the front of the screen is used as a seal against the outside world. The glass prevents moisture, dust and any other particles from coming in contact with the internal components. Once the glass is broken, as is this seal. The internal components of an electrical device are not designed to withstand outside conditions.  The longer its left, the more likely the chance of permanent and irreversible damage.
  2. Broken glass leads to a broken digitizer; which leads too…
    If you have broken the glass on your phone then you are lucky the digitizer is still working. What’s the digitizer? Well it’s a thin film that recognizes the swipes, touches and movements of the users finger. However, when the glass cracks you run the risk of damaging the digitizer and preventing the touch screen from working. The risk of this will increase as time goes on. The glue holding the glass down will loosen and the glass shards can start to peel away; piercing the digitizer. And trust us, the digitizer always goes when you really need your device!
  3. Further Damage to the LCD:
    If the glass is broken on your device then the same risks apply to the full LCD as just the digitizer. The glass shards can pull away and lever themselves into the LCD of a device. A broken LCD means one thing, a bigger bill. You should have just got the glass fixed straight away, right?
  4. Broken Glass is dangerous…
    Okay, forgive the obvious here.  If you have broken glass on the surface of your phone and you are running your hand all over it, don’t think because it’s a phone the glass has super powers and wont cut you! And the glass splinters are nasty. Especially in your ear!
  5. How much was your device?
    Come on, how much did you pay for your state of the art bit of technology? All of our repairs are relatively inexpensive in comparison. Get your device repaired to original condition and start enjoying your technological investment again!

Check out all our repairs in the header above , or Contact us for a quote. 

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