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Is my phone repairable? The modern love affair with our mobiles…


Everyone makes mistakes. It’s a fact of life.

So when your prized and most valuable possession escapes your hand and propels towards the floor, you want to know how big a mistake it’s going to be.

There are two levels of unhappy ending to this love affair with your mobile.

  1. You’ve managed to get away with only breaking the outer glass. You may still be able to use the phone and make calls, but it’s far from ideal. Alike the ending of Titanic, you probably aren’t thrilled, but at least Rose has survived to pass on the story. You are probably hurting inside (maybe outside if you are cutting fingers), but you could possibly cope.
  2. The glass has cracked and pierced the LCD and/or the controller chip. This is what I would describe as going full “Romeo and Juliet”. You’ve lost both of the main characters, and the plot is showing no sign of improving. A modern Shakespearian tragedy to say the least. If you’ve found yourself in this position, its likely panic is going to set in. You are probably thinking about how much a new phone will cost you, and not to mention all the important things you have to do this week; that you now cant. Your phone has no life, and now neither do you.

 (Maybe a little extreme on the analogy, but its still bad news)

The answer to the title is simple, is my phone repairable? If you have dropped your phone and the LCD stops working all together, this is fixable (in most instances) within the hour. We can replace all LCD displays for most devices in house, and you wont have to buy a new phone. Better yet, you will keep all your Data, images and the top scores for your favorite games.

LCD and digitizer damage includes lines on the screen, color distortion, an unresponsive screen and many more issues. If you ever have any questions or want to know more, fill in the contact form or drop us a message to

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