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iPhone 6s debut on September 9th

Apple's annual autumn release will be on the 9th September reports BuzzFeed
The event is set to focus on the release of the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus; both to feature the new Force Touch display, upgraded processors and a new camera system.  The 6s Plus is also due to have a revamped aluminium structure to prevent the so called “bendgate” issues seen at release. 
The force touch, which has been debuted on the new MacBook and MacBook Pro ranges is said to allow the user to input different force levels for a varied response on the iPhone.  We are yet to find a practical use for pushing harder on your phone screen, but if anyone has any ideas please do drop us an email!
There is also rumours of a 12.9 inch iPad pro, set to directly take on the more powerful Microsoft Surface. Details on this are yet to be confirmed. 
The press release should feature an update to Apple TV, including new processors and a full App store. 
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