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DPD Cut Off 16:45 - Royal Mail Cut Off 15:45
DPD Cut Off 16:45 - Royal Mail Cut Off 15:45
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Apple backtracking on the Face ID scandal, weakens the "Right to Repair" movement.

According to “The Verge”, Apple have backtracked on requiring the IC to be transferred from the original broken OLED to the new replacement OLED.  It’s said that the new IOS 15.2 (that is currently in beta testing) will include a patch to allow the replacement of the OLED without loss of Face ID.


The problem is, we have been here before.


When the iPhone 12 series was launched, we were quickly made aware that it was going to be impossible to replace the rear cameras; even with genuine pulled parts.  It was damaging yes, but nothing a small independent repair shop couldn’t survive.  A year later, the same trick is pulled with the OLED replacement for the iPhone 13 series. The difference being this time around, it was actually going to be a problem.  Independent repair shops were going to have to buy expensive new kit, up skill staff or feel cornered into applying to be an Independent Repair Provider (IRP).


With the recent Conference of the Parties (COP 26) being held in Glasgow, a spotlight has been shone on the effects we are having on our planet. And while swapping the meat out of your burger is going to play a part, so is reparation.  With Apple’s latest Environmental Sustainability Report stating that 74% of a device’s carbon footprint coming from its original manufacture, their latest efforts to block repair from independents couldn’t have been timed worse.


However, in the face of adversity it seemed as though the whole industry pulled together to show support for one another and “Right to Repair” gathered momentum.


The iPhone 12 was a slap to the face, but the Face ID on the iPhone 13 was a sucker punch. So now when the big fruit offers a handshake and to ask us to “forget all about it” we need to make sure we don’t. Let's do what we can to promote repair, share those articles, sign those petitions, take pride in your work and use good quality parts!


The movement gathered momentum when we had our backs to the wall. So, let’s not forget how we felt, or we will be back against that wall with the iPhone 14.


- Special thanks to those in the U.K who invested in the research and pushed this into the public spotlight ; especially Ricky at iCorrect who’s original article can be read here : or the youtube video can be seen here


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