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DPD Cut Off 16:45 - Royal Mail Cut Off 15:45
DPD Cut Off 16:45 - Royal Mail Cut Off 15:45
Free Mobiles for Over 70s

Free Mobiles for Over 70s

***Kent Locations Only at this time***


In response to those in need, please use this page to order a device for anyone over 70 that does not have a mobile phone in their home. 

We will provision the device internally on the O2 network and we will set the SOS button to call a carer/family/friend that orders the device. 

If you would like us to set speed dials, please email with your order confirmation number and we will add speed dials on request. 

We need the elderly to be able to easily call a family member or "Buddy" when in need so they do not have to leave the house for their 12 week isolation. 

Please do not hand deliver these devices to those most at risk. Please disinfect and leave on a doorstop. 

Lets all do what we can. 

Tom X

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