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DPD Cut Off 16:45 - DX/RM Cut Off 15:45
DPD Cut Off 16:45 - DX/RM Cut Off 15:45
Launching TX Pro

Launching TX Pro

We have recently launched our new TX Pro range into the market. But why should you make the switch?

The new range of screens for iPhone are produced in one of the top factories in China. We have been working with them for months to get these screens not only to the quality we wanted, but to the reliability too. The return rates on these screens are under 1%. 

We also have our new TX Pro battery range. Consisting of normal replacement batteries that clip into the original board and a core range that requires spot welding. The core range provides an option for skilled technicians to spot weld the battery to the original battery board. This restores battery health data for their customers.

In summary, this new range allows us as a wholesaler to provide you with a tried and trusted product. We also using your feedback to directly impact the development. This is the key to a great product. 

TX Pro - By The Trade - For The Trade

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