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DPD Cut Off 16:45 - DX/RM Cut Off 15:45
DPD Cut Off 16:45 - DX/RM Cut Off 15:45
TX Pro Digitisers

TX Pro Digitisers

We have just launched our brand new TX Pro Digitisers. The iPad Air/5, iPad 6 and iPad 7/8/9 models have just come in after months of rigorous testing.

TX Pro is an ever evolving product, and we can't improve without this feedback. After we received testing feedback we decided to give you the option of which tape you'd like. For all our TX Pro digitisers you can choose 3M or Tesa tape. 

We've also managed to get these products at a great price, with the For iPad 7/8/9 (10.2 2019/2021/2021) - TX Pro Digitiser — The Screen Surgery coming in at just £19.99 inc VAT and the For iPad Air/5 - TX Pro Digitiser — The Screen Surgery and For iPad 6 (9.7 2017) - TX Pro Digitiser — The Screen Surgery available for just £17.99.

So get yours today and let us know how you get on, we're always happy for a call to discuss how we can improve!


- The Screen Surgery 

Mobile Phone Parts - The Screen Surgery


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