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Why TX Pro? - A quick look into the vision of the range.

Why TX Pro? - A quick look into the vision of the range.

TX Pro was designed with two aspects in mind; community and simplicity. As a trade only business, we wanted to ensure that trade customers were the focus point during development. So much so, we named the brand TX, for Trade eXclusive.  A commitment to how we are set up as a business, and a reminder of who we are here to serve. 

The community in the phone repair trade seems to be one of the best in any sector I have seen, and it was something we were keen to utilise when it came to developing and curating the TX Pro range.  When we had final test batches, we sent units out to the community to get feedback. We wanted to know that what we were putting out was great. With the feedback received we were able to change and develop what is now the product you can buy online, for example the choice of tape on the digitiser range - which is unique in the market. However we don't want to stop there. TX Pro is designed to be developed and progressed at all times, and feedback from the community is fundamental for that. That's why we are always looking for feedback, good or bad. To keep TX Pro moving forward.

At The Screen Surgery, we have always had the "KIS" mentality. Keep It Simple.  With the advantage of being "Trade Only", we are able to clean up the product ranges we offer and keep it simple. TX Pro is always meant to represent the best in market, and we wanted our customers to be totally confident that we are putting the best option forward in that range. Simplicity doesn't stop with a product arriving with you though. TX Pro screens are tested multiple times before they are ever shipped, meaning you see an almost non existent fault rate. Although this is time consuming and costly, it means you can fully trust the product every time. On the rare occasion you see a fault, you know we have a "no hassle" replacement policy, that includes damage to the LCD/OLED when the glass isnt broken!

If you want any more information on TX Pro then drop us an email on or check out the range here


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