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DPD / RM 16:45 Cut Off - DX 15:30 Cut Off
DPD / RM 16:45 Cut Off - DX 15:30 Cut Off
Improved Returns Credit

Improved Returns Credit

After some feedback from our customers we’ve changed the way our credit works. Nothing changes on the returns end, we’ll credit all your returns in full, the day they get back to us.

The change comes when you use your credit to order. You will no longer have to pay for shipping.

If the order was going to be over £100 you’ll automatically get free next day delivery.

If the order was going to be under £100 you will be able to use your credit for shipping!  

We’re always looking for ways to improve, and it’s feedback like this that helps us to do that. So don’t be shy to message one of the team 


- The Screen Surgery

Mobile Phone Parts UK - The Screen Surgery

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