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DPD Cut Off 16:45 - DX/RM Cut Off 15:45
DPD Cut Off 16:45 - DX/RM Cut Off 15:45
Weekly Newsletter W/C 14/08/23

Weekly Newsletter W/C 14/08/23


New Parts

This week we had a new shipment of S22 and S23 Charging Port and Battery Service Packs. Starting from £18.99 for the Charging Ports and £22.99 for the Battery Service Packs.

We now also have a variety of iPad refurb screens available, starting with the Front Glass Digi/OCA for iPad Mini 4 at £12.99 all the way up to to the Front Glass Digi/OCA for iPad Pro 11 (3rd Gen) at £34.99. They all come with OCA and Tesa tape pre installed!

Technical Point

We have bought in the Non EU version of the A037. If you are able to check the phone settings before a repair has taken place the EU version will present as "A037G" and the non EU version will show "A037F". However, if the phone is already open, then here is how you can differentiate between the two to get the correct screen:

 A037 Service Pack LCD A037G EU A037F Non EU

If you look at the back of the screen, the larger rectangle section that you can see circled on the left image means that it is the EU version. The image on the right with the smaller rectangle section circled between the flex and the frame, means it is the Non EU version.

Next Week

After some feedback, we are looking into bringing in some genuine pull small parts. If you have any ideas for what you would like us to stock, please get in touch, so that our products are fully tailored to you!

Lastly from us today, we will have our TX Pro batteries restocked just in time for the bank holiday weekend next week, with a restock coming on Monday/Tuesday.



- Zoe Piper

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