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Self Repair - What does it mean for the industry?

Self Repair - What does it mean for the industry?

Apple recently announced that it would be introducing its self repair program in the UK after successful trials in the US. 

On this topic we always compare our industry to the motor repair industry. You can buy parts for nearly any car on the market, but would you go and attempt a serious repair on your own vehicle? No, you'd take it to a garage where there are trained professionals to ensure that the job is done properly and safely.

We would say that in today's world, someone's personal mobile device is one of the most important items that they own. Repairing the device is far from easy as we all know. The likelihood of successful screen repair from an untrained individual on any device is low. With the price of the parts and kit hire, it just isn't worth it.

With TX Pro, our new spot welded batteries recover battery health data. TX Pro screens can retain TrueTone. Our genuine pull range allow technicians to give their customers a genuine product and repair, at a lower cost than the self repair program, and without the hassle. 

Sometimes, you just need a Pro.

Try our new TX Pro Range Here: TX Pro All — The Screen Surgery


- The Screen Surgery 

Mobile Phone Parts - The Screen Surgery

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