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XO7 - Low Cost High Quality

XO7 - Low Cost High Quality

We have recently partnered with XO7 to bring you a low cost high quality product. But what makes them so good?

iPhone LCDs

The XO7 iPhone LCDs come with the steel back plate fitted to ensure a speedy instillation. They also have a rubber silicone seal to improve durability. 

The LCDs use LTPS inCell technology. This provides a high resolution, highly responsive touch, lower screen temperature and a higher screen refresh rate. This technology also provides a thin fit onto the phone.

iPhone 11 - XO7 LCD — The Screen Surgery

iPhone Soft OLEDs

XO7 OLEDs provide a perfect fit onto the device.

With a steel plate as standard the XO7 OLEDs also come with an oleophobic coating which is the first defence against water damage.

The OLED range also includes a polarised lens, cold pressed frame, proximity sensor bracket and ear speaker mesh.

iPhone X - XO7 Soft OLED — The Screen Surgery

We now also stock the Hard OLED as a more affordable option for your customer.

iPhone X - XO7 Hard OLED — The Screen Surgery

iPad Digitisers

XO7 iPad Digitisers come with Casper technology, this makes them one of the strongest on the market. With Digitizer Flex bonding technology they also help minimize installation errors. TPU core provides the one of the best digitiser cores on the market.

The blend of materials used provides a less visible gridline. IC Chip and Home Button are also included on selected digitisers.

iPad Air/5 - XO7 Digitiser — The Screen Surgery

iPad LCDs

XO7 iPad LCDs provide a remarkable colour accuracy. They deliver a high refresh rate, high resolution and a fast and responsive touch while maintaining a low screen temperature.

A silicone seal protects against drops. Sleep wake sensors come provided on selected LCDs.

iPad 7/8 (10.2 2019/20) - XO7 LCD — The Screen Surgery

iPad LCD/Digis

The XO7 LCD/Digi combinations come with all the great features as previously described, all in one!

A silicone filling between the glass and screen assembly also means there is less risk of breakage.

iPad Pro 9.7 - XO7 LCD/Digi — The Screen Surgery


We are proud to be a supplier of this great range. A low cost high quality product means we can provide the best service possible to you, our customers.

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